Crime Prevention

Burglars like easy opportunities. If you can deny entry for 3 minutes or more – chances are the burglars will go elsewhere.

1 Are all your external doors properly fitted and equipped with appropriate secure locking systems

2 If you have glass panelled doors – are they reinforced in some way so that they cannot be shattered?

3 Have you a wide-angled viewer in your front/main entrance doors or other means of viewing callers?

4 Do you have a door chain / limiter fitted and do you use it?

5 Since moving into your home (where there may have been a previous occupier) have you had the locks changed?

6 Are your spare keys kept with a trusted neighbour

7 Do you lock your external doors when away from home, no matter how short a time?

8 Do you lock the doors out of your view when working in the garden / yard?

9 Have you installed an additional lock(s) to your patio doors?

10 Do  you close and lock your garage / outhouse doors?

11 Are all your windows secure?

12 Do you check to see if all windows are secured when you leave your home?

Inside Security

1 Do you ask for identification before allowing unknown callers into your home?

2 Do you avoid leaving cash at home?

3 Have you automatic timers on some lights when your house is vacant?

4 Does your home always look like someone is at home?

5 Have you recorded serial numbers of your valuables?

6 Have you, for identification purposes, photographed your valuables especially items for which you have no serial numbers

7 Are your car / house keys kept in a location not visible from the outside?

Outside Security

1 Is your house number visible from the road / street?

2 Is there sufficient lighting around your home to allow viewing of any dark areas around it?

3 Do neighbours and passers-by have a clear view of your home?

4 Have you trimmed all hedges and shrubs so they can’t hide a burglar at work

5 Have you ever walked around your house looking for ways a burglar might be able to get in?

6 Do you keep tools or ladders etc. in places accessible to potential burglars?

7 Are machines, tools stored in garages or sheds securely padlocked or chained to prevent removal?

Holiday Security

1 Have you a reliable neighbour whom you can notify of your travel plans and give a key to, with a

request for a periodic house check?

2 Do you have a neighbour collect your mail or newspapers when you are away

3 Do you cancel all deliveries?

4 Do you have your neighbour park his / her car in your driveway when you are away ?

5 Do you arrange to have your lawn mowed?

6 Do you notify the Gardaí of prolonged absences from your home?

Electronic Security

1 Do you have an intruder alarm system fitted and do you use it?

2 Is it maintained and serviced annually?

3 Do you know how to operate and use your alarm system

4 Have you considered connecting it to a monitoring centre or your mobile phone?

Please do not hesitate to contact your Local Garda:

KINGSCOURT: 042-9667292

BAILIEBORO: 042-9694577

(Further information can be obtained from